“This class has educated me and helped me to grow as a person in a way that no other has. Philip is extraordinarily knowledgeable and inspiring. I will draw on what I have learned here for the rest of my life. Classes like these are once-in-a-lifetime experiences and I am deeply privileged to have taken part in it.”

"I had come into NYU with a strong passion for Civil War history, especially in relation to Abraham Lincoln, but I didn't realize how much I would learn in this class. Professor Kunhardt is engaging and kind, and most importantly, he really wants to know his students' opinions. While he will never force any particular student to contribute to discussion, he does encourage that all of them at least try. Finally, Professor Kunhardt emphasizes that he wants to create a community in the classroom, something pretty rare in the academic experiences I've had thus far at NYU." 

“Looking back, Professor Kunhardt's Lincoln seminar was a watershed moment for me…[It] ultimately led me to law school, a professional path I had never previously considered. To this day Professor Kunhardt remains one of my most treasured mentors.” 

“Professor Kunhardt engages with each and every one of his students on a personal level; instead of giving out grades, he really focuses on how much you've learned and how you formulate your own opinions based on material learned in the course. His vast knowledge and interest/passion for his subject area is astonishing; yet he values students' speculations and attempts to reason.” 

"Professor Kunhardt was without a doubt my favorite professor this semester. He is very friendly, knowledgeable, eager to teach, help, and learn with us as a class. He genuinely cared about all of us and genuinely wanted each of us to carry something away from this course. He was also a great friend and I hope to stay in touch with him during my years here at NYU." 

"Professor Kunhardt is absolutely incredible and most definitely my favorite professor thus far. He not only has a clear and thorough knowledge of the material he teaches but also is genuinely passionate about it. He cares deeply for his students both how they are doing in and out of the classroom." 

"Professor Kunhardt is a talented, articulate, one-of-a-kind Professor, dedicated to his craft and encouraging students to reach for the stars and realize their potential."